Sophie Ellis-Bextor opening the St Margarets Fair Music Stage

Congratulation to all the people that helped plan and run the 2005 St Margarets Fair. All indications suggest that this was one of the most successful fairs to date.

Here is a list of our carefully compiled anecdotal evidence:

  • The BBQ, where I worked for 3 hours, was selling over 200 burgers an hour and had to run out and buy more food by 4pm.
  • Soft drinks started the day with 10% more than last years amount, but had to be replenished three times with throughout the day.
  • The Pimms Stall sold out completely by 4:30pm of all the Pimms they planned plus all the available stock from the big Tesco in Twickenham and Odd Bins as well… this means 222 litres of Pimms!