Front of ParVinu and Streets

A group of local businessmen (Grapespot Ltd of Kingston) have resubmitted their application to open a wine bar in the basement formerly occupied by Phelps. This application requires a change of use (A4) to the property. Grapespot plan to call the wine bar ParVinu at Phelps and offer retail wine sales, wine tastings and seating and a bar for drinking and dining on site.

Access to ParVinu will be through the renovated Streets, where new staircase and door will be added to the right of the current Streets entrance (looking from the front). This will be the main access to the wine bar. The entrance via the Mews on Broadway will only be for disabled access and the daytime deliveries. The application claims they will use two to three transit vans a day with most of their stock held in a bonded warehouse in Twickenham, which will be used for local deliveries as well. Most of these details are available in a prospectus here.

There are many more details in the application regarding:

  • the air conditioning (baffled and hidden on the roof)
  • parking audits (which point to approximately 20 spaces in the area and the recognition that most clients will have to walk or come by mass transit or taxi)
  • rubbish collection (will be during daytime hours)
  • … and more

The original application was submitted on 28 July 2004 and was withdrawn on 15 November 2004 due to numerous Objections which made it unlikely that it would be granted Planning Permission. This application has attempted to address most of the fundamental objections, namely parking, noise, rubbish removal. However, there are a few remaining questions:

  • What type of crowd will this draw to the area and how well will they behave?
  • What impact will this have on the traffic flow in the area with added taxis and car traffic, especially considering the impacts of Tesco and the Superdrug?

What do you think of this plan? Please let us know with a comment and vote in our poll or see the results.

Don’t forget to Support or Object to this proposal on the Richmond Planning Website, found here.