Fair from St Margarets Road

The St Margarets Autumn Fair, held in Crown Road on Saturday, 17th September, was a big success. Hundreds, perhaps a thousand, people came out to enjoy a day of live music, food, drink, clowns, art, a fun fair and more.

A big thank you to all those who helped put on the day’s event. Some major thanks goes to:

.. and Ann Murray, Clair Wood and whole FOOI team, Sherralyn Rainey, Claire Wilson, Stephanie Grefsheim, Matt Grefsheim (aka Judge B. Arking), Karen Ranger (aka Judge Miss G. Ruff), Margaret Fenn-Nielson and Adrian Neale.

We have posted a few photos from the event. If you have any more, please email them to us at content@stmargarets.london, or drop them by Cutters.

“What a fabulous afternoon of music, food and stalls. These community events add so much to the local area and thanks are due to everyone involved. But for me the highlight was the dog show – I do hope that bubble-catching Sadie won the prize for Cleverest Dog! I am now looking forward to the December Event for lights, music and Christmas Shopping.”

Councillor Denise Carr

About the Event

“The St Margarets Traders Association was very pleased with how the local community came out to help us put on such a wonderful event and hope for the same kind of response for the St Margarets Christmas Fair, whose planning will be starting soon. The whole thing really came together because a lot of people did a little bit of work. It was great to see.”

Simon Chapman from the St Margarets Traders Association

The event came together very quickly with only three formal meetings, a few emails and some individual’s modest effort. If you are interested in helping with the Christmas Event you can email us at volunteer@stmargarets.london or, again, speak to Simon at Cutters .

8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Event

  1. A crew of workers turned up at 9am to tear up a portion of Crown Road and were sent away
  2. The St Margarets Tavern sponsored the band, The All Beats as well as coordinating the stage with Paul O’Rielly
  3. The RFU sponsored a large portion of the event
  4. This was the first time the Council has provided free road closure (we now are allowed two a year for community events)
  5. The fire truck was supposed to be at the fair at 10am, but was busy with calls all morning
  6. 25 dogs entered the Dog Show and the no show, Patch was a stuffed animal whose owner needed a nap and missed the show
  7. The RSPCA stall was setup and run by a local school girl (go Emily!)
  8. The Harley Davidson ‘ride’ was provided at the last moment by a local resident who wanted to help the Shooting Star charity and let the neighbourhood kids, who keep asking for a ride, have one.
  9. Kim Hare coordinated the Dog Show and all the craft stalls