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Happy Holidays 2005


24 December 2005 | editorial

Christmas Church Services

Here is a list of church services for Christmas Eve and Christmas for some local churches. If you know the schedule of others, please email us so we can post them at

23 December 2005 | around_town

UPDATED: The Spirit Group Appeals Licensing Decision

The Spirit Group, who owns the St Margarets Tavern, are appealing the decision of the Richmond Council’s Licensing sub-committee. Apparently this is part of a broader move as The Spirit Group is appealing decisions across the country. How any changes in opening times will affect the actual hours of operation at the St Margarets Pub remain to be seen.

22 December 2005 | news

Christmas Prize Winners

Here are the winners for all the various community contests, raffles, etc…

20 December 2005 | around_town

Treasure Hunt : 17 December 2005

Treasure Map

16 December 2005 | around_town

Interview : Kerrie Dorman of Yummy Mummy

What is your association with St Margarets and where did you go to school?

14 December 2005 | around_town

Tesco Seeks Permission for New Advertising Signage — Again

After being refused by the council in March 2005 for essentially the same request, Tesco is applying for permission to put up new signs and lighting and completely covering the windows of the store. They have commented in the application that the new look will be exactly like other shops on St Margarets Road as it uses some similar materials.

13 December 2005 | news

St Margarets Christmas Fair 2005

Snow Flake

13 December 2005 | around_town

Council Refuses Tesco a Second ATM

Tesco's new ATM

On the 6th of December, Richmond Council Planning Committee refused Tesco’s request for a second ATM at their store on St Margarets Road. The decision states the reason for refusal was:

“The proposal, by reason of its design and close proximity to the existing ATM, would be detrimental to the appearance and character of this historic shopfront, this Building of Townscape Merit, the setting of neighbouring Buildings of Townscape Merit and would be harmful to the visual amenities of the streetscene and the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.”

10 December 2005 | news

Today is the St Margarets Christmas Fair

9 December 2005 | around_town

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