The Spirit Group, who owns the St Margarets Tavern, are appealing the decision of the Richmond Council’s Licensing sub-committee. Apparently this is part of a broader move as The Spirit Group is appealing decisions across the country. How any changes in opening times will affect the actual hours of operation at the St Margarets Pub remain to be seen.

The appeal is currently scheduled to be heard in the Magistrates Court in Richmond on the 22nd of March, 2006. Members of the public can attend.

Details of the Appeal

“Appeals against decisions of the sub committee are heard by the magistrates and the preparation for the council is handled by our Legal Services Dept. There was a Pre Trial review on Thursday and a day and a half have been set down for the case, Monday 20 March and Wednesday 22 March (half day). The court (Richmond Magistrates, Parkshot Richmond) is open to the public to view such hearings.

The grounds of appeal state,

  1. That the decision of the Licensing Authority was wrong.
  2. That the Licensing Authority failed to take account of all relevant considerations
  3. That the Licensing Authority took into account irrelevant considerations.

Unlike local authority hearings there is no public disclosure of the documents to be relied on by the parties to the court case.”

– Rob Mitchener, Head of Licensing - Richmond Council