notice at Moormead Park

Approximately one quarter of the lawn of Moormead Park is currently being levelled and re-seeded. The money was provided by a grant given to St Stephen’s Junior School and will allow the school to make better use of the park as playing fields.

The work is proceeding quickly and should be completed by the end of the week or early next week. According to the landscapers, the area closest to the River Crane was very uneven and the amount of top soil thin. However the rest of the area was better, just too compact. So they have scrapped off the top layer and will compost that offsite, added 80 tonnes of new soil and will add 80 tonnes of sand to improve drainage and aeration. The landscapers thought that If the weather conditions support the new seed going down, with warmer nights and some rain, the Council could probably start cutting the grass within a month and allow people back on within two months.