votes by road

Following up from the Councillors CPZ Questionnaire piece we wrote back in February we have two things to share. The first is that Councellor Annie Hambidge is calling a meeting for any interested Moormead Area residents to come to the Turk’s Head and discuss ideas with her and the Council’s Transport Officers. The second are some data and comments from the questionnaires given to the Councillors and shared anonymously with us.

Call for an Open Meeting

“I have arranged for a meeting to be held in Winchester Hall March 28th at 7.30pm.

As the problems affect people differently ‘one size fits all’ is not going to be the case here.

I have therefore asked Transport Officers to attend too.

This meeting will be to discuss with everyone the pro’s and con’s of various alternatives available and legal. Although some have suggested 24 hrs x 7days p.w. that cannot be offered as a solution!”

– Cllr Annie Hambidge

Comments from the Questionnaire

The following are a selection of representative comments from the questionnaire. Interestingly 42 people requested a CPZ and 12 people said ‘no’; however, most of the comments suggest that the problem is really with residents having too many and too large cars, or problems with nearby CPZs, pushing the problem into the Moormead Park area.

  • “The problem is not commuter parking by day but the fact that most maisonettes in these narrow roads have 2 cars. CPZ would be an additional tax and could not address the real problem – though this has undoubtedly been exacerbated by the creation of neighbouring CPZs.”
  • “The hours that pose the biggest problem are in the evening-this would imply that commuter parking is not the issue. We simply do not have enough space in the area for the cars belonging to the maisonettes.”
  • “Cars often parked on corners making deliveries difficult and dangerous when crossing the road”
  • “I suspect there is a great deal of holiday parking in the area along with business parking. Families in existing CPZ areas park their 2nd cars in our area.”
  • “Ban heavy lorries and introduce 20mph safety zone”
  • “Problem is that more old people with 0/1 cars have moved out and many families with 2 cars have moved in. Not to mention the HUGE number of people with SUVs, which are completely inappropriate for the area.”
  • “A CPZ would cause inconvenience for tradesmen and visitors to my house. If it is thrust upon us, the charge for 2nd cars at the same address should be disproportionately high to deter 2nd car ownership. A 1 hour restriction during the day is sufficient to deter commuters.”
  • “Road appears to serve as long stay car park for station and airport.”
  • “Conversion of gardens to parking areas leads to loss of additional space on street (and other points)”
  • “All the roads around the Moormead have controlled parking and this leads to people parking their car or 2nd cars in our roads, people working in Twickenham and commuters parking during the working day.”
  • “There is sufficient parking. Only the Council will benefit at our cost/expense to provide”
  • “Cars also park inconsiderately due to the shortage of space. Commercial vehicles also seem to be parked for weeks without end.”
  • “We have suffered as a result of CPZs being introduced virtually everywhere else in St Margarets”
  • “No parking restrictions should be enforced on street corners to protect the safety of children and to prevent large vehicles being stuck – which happens constantly.”