Following on from the original meeting, another meeting of interested residents and groups is being called for Thursday, 9 March at 7.30pm in the Turks’ Head, Winchester Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to agree the key areas for refurbishment, begin the process of looking at fund-raising ideas for supporting these, in partnership with the Council and are hoping to form a representative local group – Friends of Moormead Park.

Anyone interested in being involved in the discussion, and in particular the fundraising, please let Claire Wilson know; email or call 020 8744 0700.

Note from Councillor Annie Hambidge

“I would appreciate you letting them know Local Councillors will be there too, we want this to be Community influenced so now IS the time for local residents to speak up for what they feel the area needs … and what they can comfortably  ’live with’.

This is the proof of our interest and concerns for environmental matters, including the current local CPZ survey which reveals many different aspects of concern!!

Conservatives have never claimed to be a ‘One issue political party’  because the ‘Environment’ is vulnerable to so many other decisions being made in the world.

The environment affects everyone, regardless of individual politics, but ’ Local Environment’ impacts on one’s everyday living & can still be determined to a large extent by the participation of concerned local residents.

Local Councils at present still have some control over local decisions despite the Governments determined efforts to keep undermining or overloading the process.

St Margaret’s is changing!!  nothing wrong with that but let’s try to retain the best  and make sure what is introduced keeps it ‘ respectable ;alive ; and prosperous ‘.

Look forward to seeing as many as possible at the meeting .

Best wishes Annie H.”