First Learning, an ‘organic nursery’, who currently operates a single nursery in Shepperton, is hoping to open its second branch in St Margarets at 389 St Margarets Road near Talbot Road. First Learning is the first and only Soil Association, certified nursery in the UK. The site in St Margarets would be the company’s second establishment. The current building is empty with “acute structural problems.” First Learning is hoping to open an organic food shop in the front of the property and build a nursery at the back.

According to Alison Gallagher, the Operations Manager for First Learning Organic Day Nursery;

“We are hoping to secure planning permission for the construction of a new building which will facilitate our second organic day nursery for children of between 3 months and 5 years old, and an organic shop, selling organic produce. Out-of-hours, it is hoped that the new buildings can be used for associated community uses such as National Childbirth Trust classes and similar gatherings.”

Planning permision will be required for the nursery building itself, but not the shop. The plans for the nursery will be shared and discussed at the next North St Margarets Residents Association (NSMRA) Committee meeting on Monday, 20th March if you are interested in learning more.