The new Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and any increase in flights and changes to the flight paths will have an impact to the St Margarets’ area and the quality of life we currently enjoy. The Hacan Organisation is a formidable pressure group making waves within Central government and at the European court.

To that end we are passing along the following news items:

From North St Margarets Resident’s Association

“We’re campaigning amongst our members to support the campaigns to protest against the proposed end to runway alternation and also to night flights, both of which will significantly degrade the environment that we cover.

We’re encouraging our members to sign a petition to this effect and to write to their MP and to the aviation minister.

Here is a link to the campaign page on our web site :

– Nick Grossman Vice Chairman North St Margarets Residents Association

From Hacan

“Here’s a marvellous new way to help HACAN with its campaign against too many Heathrow flights – and at the same time enjoy a real treat for yourself. You do nothing except sit back and have a good laugh!

I am a novelist and playwright, recently staged in London. My latest play is called This is Your Captain Speaking. It’s a great laugh-a-minute farce, about a man who lives and works – and complains! – somewhere under the flight path in Kew, and the trouble he lands in when he says to his lady-friend ‘Next time I’m going to take real action, no pussyfooting.’

She teases him to go and do it; he does and then the balloon really goes up! In the end he wins the girl -or does he?

Sample scenes from the play will be available in the near future – if you like the flavour of them, you’ll want to go along to the show. The tickets are only £10, but members of HACAN will be entitled to a 20% discount. HACAN will earn a donation too.”

– John Stewart, Chair for Hacan