The local elections take place on Thursday the 4th of May. You can vote at your designated polling station between 7am and 10pm, but how will you vote? Each ward has three seats on the council. St Margarets and North Twickenham have ten candidates standing.

In order to help you decide we have asked all the candidates a series of questions on your behalf. You can read each candidate’s profile in full here. We have tried to ask questions that will give us a better idea of the candidates as people but we can now open the questions up to you the people who actually count. You can ask all or any of the candidates whatever questions you like. The questions will be posted on the website and it is up to each of the candidates to check the website and to respond to your questions. You the voters can then see whether your questions have been answered and whether or not you like the answer.

The rules are simple you must be polite and well mannered, remember everybody can read what is put up! We reserve the right not to post any comments, which we feel are offensive or inappropriate in any way.

This is democracy in action folks. The politicians complain that they can’t speak directly to the voters and are managed by the media. The voters complain that the politicians never answer the question asked. The power of the Internet allows us to bring every candidate to every voter online. Every voters question will remain up for all to see and requiring an answer. So no room for wriggling, obfuscation, or dissembling. The challenge has been set if you don’t ask the questions how can they be held accountable?

Geoffrey Acton Geoffrey Acton Liberal Democrat
William Devine William Devine Labour
Peter Dul Peter Dul UK Independence Party
Barry Edwards Barry Edwards Independent
Annie Hambidge Annie Hambidge Conservative
Ben Khosa Ben Khosa Liberal Democrat
Simon Lamb Simon Lamb Conservative
Judy Maciejowska Judy Maciejowska Green Party
Philip Morgan Philip Morgan Liberal Democrat
Catherine Searle Catherine Searle Conservative