On the 18th April at Winchester Hall in the Turk’s Head, there will be a meeting to review the best submissions for the new play area at Moormead Park. This meeting is a follow-up from the most recent Moormead Park Meeting. Hamish Waugh, Project Manager for Parks & Open Spaces Richmond upon Thames, is running the meeting and asking any interested residents and children to review the three best proposals for the playground’s redevelopment.

Hamish has reminded residents that;

“This meeting is solely to review the best submissions for the play area refurbishment and no other issue will be discussed. Those who are interested are more that welcome to come along. If you have a child with special needs or there is something specific you would like to see in the new play area, this is the meeting to attend.”

It is imporant to keep in mind that Richmond Council must, at a minimum install a ‘LEAP standard play area’.

The LEAP criteria are:

  • Each site must be formally designated by the Council as a play area and be close to where the children live ( within 5 minutes walking time from home-400 metres)
  • Each site must be of a minimum area of 400 square metres. A minimum of 20 metres between boundary of nearest property and activity zone.
  • All equipment and facilities must have been assessed as safe for continued use by a competent playground inspector. All equipment with a fall height greater than 600 mm must have appropriate impact absorbing surfacing.
  • Each site must have a minimum of five different activities. Multi-play equipment may be counted as having up to three separate activities (e.g. sliding, climbing, rocking, swinging or social play).
  • Each site must have a small area (may be grassed) within the boundary of the playground.
  • Each site must be entirely fenced with self-closing gates.
  • Each site must have signs excluding dogs.
  • Each site must be overlooked by housing, pedestrian routes or other well used public facilities.