After posting the Reply to Residents Group Letter on Proposed Indoor Soft Play Area article, we recieved a number of emails asking who the St Margarets Association of Residents was, so we asked them to pass along some details.

They replied that they

“are an informal organisation of volunteers – this means we are reactive rather than proactive. Albeit informal, the Association has a structure consisting of chairman, vice chairman, secretary and treasurer, plus a number of helpers generous with their time and effort. Most of them have lived in the village since before the Association’s formation … Now 24 years old, the Association was founded in response to the redevelopment of the old site – the one on which St Margarets Business Centre is located today – in order to ensure that the Centre’s activities did not impact negatively on the 650-odd households that comprise St Margarets village.”

Turns out they didn’t have a website either, so we have hosted a page for them here if you are interested in learning more.