On the 19th of May, the St Margarets Community Website Team sat down with the newly elected local Councillors for St Margaret & North Twickenham; Geoff Acton, Ben Khosa and Philip Morgan to have an open discussion around what we see as the top issues for St Margarets. Topics ranged from neighbourhood security to community events to ongoing communications and more. Clearly it was too early to look for any kind of specific commitments as the Council is still in the process of selecting committees and training the new Councillors; however, Ben, Philip and Geoff where very receptive to understanding the issues that they didn’t already know about and making notes to look into various matters.

Once better established, they look forward to working closely with the community on issues and occasionally share updates with the community via the web and community message board, coming soon to the junction of St Margarets and Crown Road.

Also at the meeting. the St Margarets Traders Association also took the opportunity to present the Councillors with their first petition for 30 Minutes for St Margarets with 1,200 signatures, asking for free parking on Crown and St Margarets Road.