The Police have confirmed that they did recover a “false front” from the ATM at the St Margarets Road Tesco on the 11th of May. Apparently the device also had a camera for recording the PIN number. No arrests where made either.

The Police recommend that anyone who used the ATM on that day to check with their bank as there is no way of knowing if the criminals using the capture device had downloaded some information earlier in the day. They also urge people to always be careful using any ATM - according to PC Jim Riley, “if you see anything suspicious around the card reader, give it a good pull”. They also mentioned that these false fronts are expensive and usually the criminals using them are standing nearby.


We need to verify this; however, a reader notified us that the police removed a false front from the St Margarets Road Tesco today. If you have recently used the cash point, you should check with your bank.