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Meeting Notes : Police Liaison Meeting from 19 July

Sgt Arif Malik, PC Alan Richens, PCSO Lucy Burt and PCSO Eugenia Venour met with some 25 local residents to discuss implementation of the Safer Neighbourhoods initiative. Wendy Kyle-Pope, the borough liaison between police and wards, whose remit is to improve communications, chaired the meeting. Future meetings will be chaired by Dr Jenny Atton, who also chairs the Cole Park Road Residents Association.

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26 July 2006 | news

Brunnel Site : New Octagon Planning Proposal

Octagon, the developers of the Brunnel Site have submitted a planning proposal to remove the 18th century water feature in front of Gordon House and replacing it with two small ponds, a road and a large paved area. The paved area appears to be for parking, instead of the previously planned and obviously more expensive underground parking.

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25 July 2006 | news

Holiday Multi-Sports Camp at Moormead

Richmond Council is running a series of sports camps around the borough, a few are being run at Moormead. Children aged between 8 and 14 years can take part. Sports included are tennis, swimming, softball, football, cricket, basketball, trampolining, gymnastics and golf. The emphasis of the camps is on fun but all sports will include some element of coaching, with the exception of swimming which is purely a fun session. All sports are suitable for both boys and girls. All camps run from 10.00am - 3.00pm.

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25 July 2006 | around_town

Tesco Comments on Changes to Deliveries

Councillor Ben Khosa has been in contact with Tesco regarding their deliveries to the St Margarets Road Tesco Express to understand and see if there could be further adjustments. The following was the Tesco response:

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21 July 2006 | news

Event Reminder : Police Liaison Group Meeting

Wednesday, 19 July at 8pm in Winchester Hall at the Turk’s Head there is going to be a Police Liaison Group Meeting.

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18 July 2006 | around_town

Moormead Park Vandalised

Sadly, only a day after the St Margarets Fair, which officially opened the new Moormead Park Playground and raised thousands for the ongoing restoration of the park’s pavilion, it was nearly destroyed.

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18 July 2006 | news

Event Reminder : The 2006 St Margarets Fair

This year’s St Margarets Fair will be held on Saturday, 15th July from 11am to 7:30pm. It is the 28th time the Fair has been held and is the centrepiece of local calendar.

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7 July 2006 | around_town

Abigail Cova and the Marble Hill Dance Studio

Abigail has lived in St Margarets for six years, originally hailing from Scotland where she danced with Scottish Ballet, the country’s national ballet company.

Last year she opened Marble Hill Dance Studio which started with 20 students and now boasts 70, all through word of mouth. Abigail decided to open the school as she felt the area was lacking a local dance school. The school has 100% pass rate in all examinations taken including the Vocational Graded Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. The school is based at her husband’s pub – The Crown that is situated on Richmond Road. The function room has been specially equipped with mirrors and barres to accommodate dance lessons.

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6 July 2006 | around_town

Meeting Notes : Area Consultation Meeting - 3 July 2006

On Monday the 3rd of July there was the area consultation meeting for St Margarets and North Twickenham and Twickenham Riverside ward.

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5 July 2006 | news

Exercise : The Benefits of Exercise

We are running a series of articles from Georgie Islip, a local resident and fitness and nutrition specialist who runs a personal training company, GeoLifestyle in the area. This second article is on ‘the benefits of exercise’…

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise includes four core areas; these are cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, endurance and strength. Each component helps towards the feeling of well-being and healthiness.

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5 July 2006 | around_town

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