DEFRA is consulting on guidance on the amended Noise Act 1996 which, from October 2006, will give local authorities further powers to deal with noise from licensed premises between the hours of 11pm and 7am which exceeds the permitted level set under the Noise Act. These lower limits could be applied to noise from licensed premises and private dwellings. For example, a maximum of 35 decibels measured as an weighted five minute equivalent continuous sound pressure level is one option.

“The consultation is open to 22 September. I trust that the Council will be making an official and supportive response, but we then have the issue of enforcement, for which we would need a more flexible and comprehensive Noise Service.”

– Councillor Dennis Carr

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Please send your response or questions by 22 September 2006 to:

Noise Act Consultation Local Environment Quality Division Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 7/D11 Ashdown House 123 Victoria Street London SW1E 6DE

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