Over the weekend of the 5-6 August, the new Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) made its presence felt for the first time since it started its patrol roster two weeks ago. SNT police members patrolled Moormead Park on Friday night, during which they…

  • cautioned under-age youths in possession of alcohol and sent them home, having obtained and verified the names and addresses of their parents (Friday);
  • determined the outlet at which they had purchased the alcohol (Friday);
  • apprehended a further youth in possession of spray cans and marker pens (Friday);
  • apprehended a youth in possession of drugs (Saturday).

Moormead Rd residents will confirm that Sunday night, although warm, was very quiet, presumably due to word having got out that Moormead was under police watch.

Following the meeting in Winchester Hall on 19 July, they have also addressed the issue of alcohol theft from the Tesco Metro in St Margarets: following discussions with the manager, they are now awaiting results of discussions with head office regarding how best to lay out the store to minimise the knock-on effects that these thefts have on the surrounding community.