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Lenten Project 2006

On the 9th April we posted information on the website about the a local fund raising project at St Margarets RC Church This is held every year in the parish during Lent and the money raised is used to help some of the poorest people on the planet. All the money raised has now been counted and accounted for and we are pleased to be able to tell you were the money has gone.

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27 September 2006 | news

Temporary CCTV Camera in Moormead

Last week Thursday, 21 September, a Rapid Deployment Camera (RDC) was installed in Moormead Park, overlooking the playground. The police requested the council a few weeks ago, but the installation was detailed due to the refitting of the new lamposts.

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25 September 2006 | news

Review : Terrace Gardens Art Picnic

In brilliant weather and under the expert advice of local artist Jill Storey, more than 30 budding artists, ranging from professional hobbyist to outright amateur, families and youngsters, turned up at the Environment Trust for Richmond’s Art Picnic in Richmond Terrace Gardens last Sunday, 24 September. Nobody, even those who’d never done anything like it before, left empty-handed or unsatisfied with what they had achieved in the course of the afternoon, and many casual visitors were impressed with the enthisiasm and range oif abilities of the students and were also introduced to the work of the Trust.

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25 September 2006 | around_town

Review : Brook's Blues Bar

Last night we decided to try the new Thursday evening fixture at the Turk’s Head Pub, Brook’s Blues Bar On stage were Fran McGillvray and Mike Burke who played two great sets of classic acoustic blues well into the night. The atmosphere of Winchester Hall was lovely with candle lit tables, a not to loud sound system, light food and a bar. Its has more of a club feel than a concert, so great to bring your friends.

For £7 its a good value and a fun night out – highly recommended.

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22 September 2006 | around_town

Your Say 2017 — A New Consultation

On 13[sup>th</sup> October a new consultation starts to help determine the future of the next Community Plan for 2007-2017. Your Say 2017 is a campaign being launched by the Local Strategic Partnership , a group of organisations whose aim is to work together to improve services within the borough, including the Police and the health services.

The consultation will take the form of a website through which residents and local people can record their views on key priorities. People can go online and register from the 19th September and then it will go live from the 13th October to 3rd November 2006.

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20 September 2006 | around_town

Richmond Volleyball Summer League Final Results

After 9 weeks of fierce competition, the 1st Richmond Summer League run by Whitton Volleyball Club has named its winners. The games were played in the Old Deer Park and showed some exciting volleyball that attracted a few spectators.

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20 September 2006 | around_town

St Margarets Fair Update

This year’s July Fair raised a record £18,000, and here’s where the money is going.

£1,500 pays for Christmas presents and a meal in the Turks Head for many of St Margarets older residents. There’s a £500 donation to Marble Hill Play Centres. As always the four local schools receive around 50% of the profits, distributed on a points system awarded for the tasks they undertook for the Fair.

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19 September 2006 | news

Parked Cars Hinder Fire Engine in Winchester Road Fire

On Monday 11th September there was quite a serious fire in a van in the car park next to the business centre at the end of Winchester Road. A tree also caught alight and it seemed likely at one point that sparks from the fire would reach some of the houses. The most serious aspect of this incident was that the fire engine was unable to reach the fire because of cars dangerously parked across the corners of Broadway Avenue and Winchester Road and at the end of Winchester Road. In the end the fire fighters had to park the fire engine some distance away and pull the hoses over the hedge to reach the van.

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12 September 2006 | news

Event Reminder: Give and Take Day

The council is organising its first Give and Take Day’ which is a free community re-use event. It is a great opportunity for people to donate unwanted items that are taking up room in the home and garage. Items donated will then be displayed for others to re-use, rather than be thrown away. Alternately if you need something for the home or garden come along and find something for free!

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12 September 2006 | around_town

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