This year’s July Fair raised a record £18,000, and here’s where the money is going.

£1,500 pays for Christmas presents and a meal in the Turks Head for many of St Margarets older residents. There’s a £500 donation to Marble Hill Play Centres. As always the four local schools receive around 50% of the profits, distributed on a points system awarded for the tasks they undertook for the Fair.

For organising the football competition and providing the stewards, St Stephens get £2,613. St Mary’s took charge of the litter collection and post fair clean up, and receive £1,959. Little Orleans also receives £1,959 for organising the barbecue. Orleans Park get £1,469 for running the Pimms stall and taking charge of the printed programme and all its advertisements.

This year the remaining money will go towards funding part of the planned refurbishment of the Moormead cricket pavilion, to extend its use all the year round for the local community.

Next year’s Fair will be on Saturday July the 14th – and within the next few months the Fair will have its own dedicated website.