At around 11.27 yesterday, I saw one of the worst examples of loading related issues to date

There was one Tesco lorry in the loading bay, and another parked outside Around the World, on the corner of Bridge Road

In front of Oddbins, there was a lorry unloading- On the corner of St Margarets Road, at Broadway Avenue, a large 4x4 was parked on the double yellow lines.

An ambulance was trying to get up St Margarets Road, towards Richmond - Because all of the usual passing spots were taken up with lorries and illegally parked cars, there was no way that the ambulance could get through the two lines of traffic.

In the end, an H37 drove up onto the pavement at the foot of the railway bridge to make enough room for the ambulance to get past - But by that time vital minutes had passed.

– from our friends at SPASM