Residents regularly receive leaflets asking for items of clothing and household goods to be left for collection.

It is estimated by the Association of Charity Shops that the potential value of donated clothing and other items ‘lost’ to legitimate charities as a result of these bogus ‘charities’ collections amounts to over £1 million per annum. Many genuine charities rely on such doorstep collections for a substantial proportion of their shop sales.

Not All Alleged Charities are Registered

If unsure the number on the leaflet can be checked with The Central Register of Charities on 0845 3000 218 or online at

For example, leaflets have recently been distributed in St Margarets by Cotrado Ltd (5545502). This is not a registered charity.

Third World Clothing Appeal Scams

A number of ‘companies’ purport to collect clothing and other items for the poor in third world countries. These ‘companies’ sell them for their own gain.

Leaflets will include a company registration number. These ‘companies’ although registered, are not legitimate and may have been dissolved. They are not or do not submit accounts so not only are they making a profit they are also avoiding paying taxes.

If unsure the number or ‘company’ name on the leaflet can be checked with Companies House on 0870 33 33 636 or online at (direct link to the search page)


If you do have unwanted items it is better to take them to a local charity shop or wait until a registered charity bag is put through your door rather than encourage these bogus companies to continue.

Some ‘companies’ to look out for include:

  • A&P Collection Ltd (5769478) – Incorporated April 2006
  • ASD Ltd (4497391) – Registered as dissolved company Olonex
  • Europe Suppliers Ltd (5401427) – Incorporated March 2005
  • G.V. Clothing (4333357) – Green Valley Clothing Ltd: dissolved August 2004
  • Kraslava Services Seven Ltd (04899445) – Company dissolved Sept. 2005
  • Textal Ltd (5733047) – Registered in March 2006 as Recycling Port Ltd
  • Third World Clothing Collection (5482825) – Incorporated as Pajury’s June 2005
  • “Unwanted clothing collection” (5583979) – Registered as Rogaile Ltd Oct. 2005

– by Maddie Menzies