The directors of Grapespot, the company planning to build Par Vinu has asked this site to publish the following note regarding the letter from Harry Jacobs on the 8th December.

We write with reference to Mr Harry Jacob’s note of December 8th on this website. The Directors of Grapespot Ltd feel that it might be useful for readers to be aware of the facts regarding the contents of the only communication between Grapespot and Mr Jacobs on the subject of his Complaint to the Richmond Magistrates’ Court. That communication was in the form of the attached letter dated November 10th from our Licensing Solicitor, Mr Neil MacDonald, to Mr Jacobs:

Readers may also wish to be aware that we were advised three weeks ago on November 17th, by Richmond Magistrates’ Court, that the Complaint had been withdrawn, as per attached.

The Directors
Grapespot Limited

The letters.

Letter to Harry Jacobs from Grapespot's lawyers - page 1

Letter to Harry Jacobs from Grapespot’s lawyers (page 1)
|Letter stating the appeal has been withdrawn.

Letter stating the appeal has been withdrawn.