“Just to remind local residents that not only can you recycle your cans bottles paper etc. at both sites – near St Margarets Station and in East Twickenham but there now banks in these places for your cardboard. If you want to be even greener you can recycle your plastic (not just plastic bottles but bags, toothpaste tubes, supermarket food wrapping, crisp packets, cellophane in fact every conceivable type of plastic) at the big Tesco in Isleworth, courtesy of Hounslow borough council! Our borough seems a bit slow in getting plastic recycling going so until they do this is an alternative but only when you have to shop there – not a special journey to do it! And dont forget to use your green food waste bin, a vital part of keeping our landfill to a minimum. If we dont its a certainty that taxes will rise to pay for our unwillingness to embrace such measures.”

– Lee Hearson

Editorial Notes:

  • Richmond Council has a list of all recycling sites in the borough with a list of what they collect
  • The Sainsbury on Manor Road and the A316 also takes plastic bottles.</em>