scene from Hamlet

The Prince of Double Twists

It’s a thriller with all the ingredients – deliberate murder, accidental stabbings, romantic love and uncontrollable lust, plus wickedly black humour. Oh yes, and amongst all this excitement, possibly the most famous moments of poetry ever put on stage.

The production of Hamlet now in preparation at the Mary Wallace Theatre promises to be one of the borough’s major theatrical events. Director David Duff has prudently cut the script to make sure the evening’s entertainment is short enough for people using public transport (~3 hours). For keen students of Shakespeare there is a special invitation to stay behind after Sunday’s performance and discuss the play with the actors and director who have been working together on the script since last year.

So, is Hamlet mad, or putting it on? Does he really lack willpower, or is he outfoxing them all? Make up your mind when you watch the revenge story that took the world by storm.

The show runs from March 10th to 17th inclusive. Performances start on at 7.45, with matinee performances at 4.00pm on Sunday March 11th and 3.00pm on Saturday 17th. There is no performance on Wednesday 14th.

Ticket prices are £7 for the first three performances, and £8 thereafter. Seats can be booked via the telephone box office: 020 8744 0547. Credit card bookings are now accepted (MasterCard and Visa only).