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Event Reminder: 2x2 Opera's Carmen


28 March 2007 | around_town

Council Reviews Moormead Charges to Reach Agreement With School

“After having read about St Stephen’s School’s concerns about their bill for use of Moormead in the press, the Council started a review, in order to find an amicable agreement.

26 March 2007 | news

Booking Details for Marble Hill Concerts

Details for booking tickets to the Marble Hill Picnic Concerts this August.

26 March 2007 | around_town

Trial of Exercise Equipment in Moormead Park

FitPoint in Moormead Park

24 March 2007 | news

Priority Booking Period for Marble Hill Concerts


23 March 2007 | around_town

Richmond Council's CCTV Parking & Traffic Plans

Cllr Trigg in the CCTV Smart Car

St Margarets is about to get two new tools in fighting irresponsibly motorists. the first is the two month trial of a new high-tech car fitted with a CCTV camera on a periscope. The specially modified Smart car will target known hotspots, homing in on motorists parking on pavements and illegally parking around schools and pedestrian crossings.

23 March 2007 | news

Reader Appeal: Report Noisy Planes

“I would like to let the people of St Margarets know that if, like me, they get woken up at night by aircraft noises landing at Heathrow it is possible to send a complaint about it to BAA and Richmond council. Have a look at this Council webpage and email or call them to let them know that the noise of aeroplanes landing at 4 am wakes you up. If nobody lets them know then they won’t write it in their reports and they
will assume everything is OK.”

23 March 2007 | around_town

Positively Pilates Classes Starting in St Margarets

Beginner and intermediate Pilates classes are starting in St Margarets on Thursday evenings after Easter.

22 March 2007 | around_town

Reader Appeal: The Barons Road

“The road surface in The Barons is in very bad condition and is once again pock marked where the surface has been peeled off. It dangerous for cylcists like myself.

22 March 2007 | around_town

Your Pharmacy Applies for ATM

drawing of ATM

16 March 2007 | news

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