Local drape jacketed rock ‘n’ roll band ‘Nark Drool and the Shudders’ have been playing around the Twickenham area for over 10 years. You’ll next be able to catch them in full 1950’s action at the St. Margarets Fair on Saturday 14th July.

Originally formed by staff working at Thames Television Studios at Teddington, the group still includes a Propman, a Producer, a Fashion photographer and a Graphics artist!

Now ‘The Shudders’ are looking for 2 female vocalists to help augment their authentic doo-wop sound. All you need to qualify is a good voice backed up by confidence and charisma. Age and experience are immaterial!

If you think that you can put the “Bomp” into the “Bomp, dee bomp dee bomp” or the “Ram” into the “Rama-lama-ding dong” please call Martyn on 020 8892 5211