“Some residents of Sidney Road are distributing a flier in our street summarising why we believe we cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to become a controlled parking zone. Perhaps residents of other streets in the consultation area may be interested in our reasoning.”

– from Carolyn Townsend

Why we need to say ‘YES’ to CPZ

We are sick and tired of the parking problems in our road. And we are increasingly sick and tired of people who don’t live within the area of the CPZ consultation actively campaigning to persuade those who do live here to vote against the implementation of a controlled parking zone, presumably to safeguard their own green and pleasant streets from the knock-on effect of non-residents displaced from parking in our roads leaving their cars in theirs.

If you haven’t already returned your consultation voting form, consider this…

  • Property prices will be affected Without a CPZ in an area where parking is difficult and where adjacent roads do have controlled parking, the value of your property is likely to be adversely affected, so even if you have off-street parking or don’t own a car this issue does affect you
  • Parking problems will worsen With several adjacent roads already committed to the implementation of the CPZ, our parking problems are certain to increase
  • CPZ works in Broadway The argument that the CPZ will not improve parking problems at night because it only operates during the day is unproven - how many times have you passed empty spaces in Broadway Avenue (which has a daytime CPZ) in the evening when our road has none?
  • Increase in 2nd car parking We know that some St Margarets residents who do have a CPZ in their street park second cars in Sidney Road to avoid paying for a second permit: these cars contribute to the evening parking problem and such practice would certainly increase when more neighbouring roads have a CPZ
  • Greater security Patrols monitoring CPZ enforcement will provide an increased security presence on our streets
  • Improved road safety Once commuters and other non-residents know that free parking is no longer to be had in our street, we should experience a reduction in road traffic
  • Council says CPZs work The odds in favour of finding a parking space in Sidney Road should improve greatly: in the unlikely event that they don’t, we have the option of asking for the zone to be removed after the trial period (something which the council tell us has never been requested as all areas where CPZs have been introduced to date have wanted to keep them).

Finally… Sidney Road is beautiful - don’t let it be turned into a car park! We are fortunate in that, should Sidney Road residents vote against the CPZ, we have a garden we are able to turn from a lovely green oasis into an ugly parking space and so solve our parking problem. And we understand our neighbours may do likewise. Of course, this will not only detract from the visual appeal of Sidney Road, it will also make fewer spaces available for residents without this option. We truly hope it doesn’t come to this.


Peter, Rosie, Clare, David, Carol, Rob.