A group of St Margarets’ families has recently become involved with a UK charity working in Romania. FRODO (Foundation for the Relief of Disabled Orphans), accesses urgent medical treatment for disabled children who have been orphaned or abandoned and are last in the line for healthcare. Romania remains the country with the highest incidence of abandoned children anywhere in the world - there are hundreds of children without decent medical care.

Set up by Robin Nydes, an investment banker, the charity is appealingly small and dynamic. With a core staff of only four it has helped over 150 children directly since it was started two years ago.

A Treatment & Training programme where senior consultants from Great Ormond Street give up two weeks of their time to work with Romanian medical specialists in their hospitals will see 100 children and operate on around 25. These efforts, given freely, will transform the lives of these children.

Our ambition is to set up a St Margaret’s community initiative to sponsor one of FRODO’s Treatment & Training programmes. It costs £25,000 to directly help 25 children to a new life and to support a further 75.

FRODO Kids - Presentation; Winchester Hall: Thursday 5 June, 7.30-8.30pm

On Thursday 5 June we will be running a short presentation on the charity with the aim of inspiring others to join in the endeavour. There are a number of things people have already committed to doing, as starters;

  • FRODO team in the London Duathlon - Richmond Park, September, all runners & cyclists welcome
  • Cake Stall at St Margaret’s Stall
  • Promise Auctions
  • St Margaret’s Wardrobe Swap
  • Film and photography visit to Romania
  • … and a school’s initiative which gets the kids not just giving their pound but knowing who it’s going to and why

If you would like to hear more about Romania, and the St Margaret’s community initiative we look forward to seeing you.

Contact for further information: