Eco-St is now open,stocking a wide selection of ‘green alternatives to everyday products’. We are a concession in the Wyevale Garden Centre, Syon Park. The product range includes alternative energy such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, over 100 types of low energy lightbulb, eco paint, books on green issues, gifts made from recycled materials, recycled stationary, energy meters, wind-up radio and torches, solar mobile chargers, non toxic kitchen and laundry products, mother and baby products and a range of natural bodycare.

ECO-St’s aim is to help people work out how they can lower their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life. There are many eco initiatives which even save moeny as well as energy, such as solar power, rechargeable batteries and refills of cleaning products. We have a refill station for Ecover laundry and cleaning products which enables people to use the same bottle that they originally purchased and refill at a lower cost. We also have recycle bins for batteries, light bulbs and CDs, located in the shop.

Another green initiative we have set up, which is proving popular around our other two stores, is a low energy light bulb library. This is a ‘suitcase’ type bag housing our most popular 40 low energy light bulbs. This can be borrowed by green groups and schools to take home so people can work out in the comfort of their own home, which light bulbs work best in their light fittings. Additionally, we will give 10% of the total spent on low energy light bulbs, through the use ofour library, to the school borrowing the library.

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