We condemn the decision confirmed at the recent meeting of the Richmond Council’s Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee to include two more roads in the St Margarets’ CPZ because:

  1. It defies all normally understood principles of democracy that a majority in these two roads of only 13 votes can trump over 300 against in the consultation area.
  2. It undermines the purpose of a consultation that confusing information on procedures is given on the Council’s website and in its literature.
  3. It compromises the electoral process that inadequate figures were available on which voters could base their decision, e.g. the Council’s Beat Survey, giving the full facts on vehicles parked at different times in the area was withheld (this showed that night time parking was worse than daytime, so residents will be paying for nothing).
  4. In makes a mockery of the consultation that the Council’s database of addresses is flawed, so that a business park, some flats and users of a service road adjacent to the new CPZ extension were left out. Consulting them now is calculated to force them into the CPZ, when instead the whole exercise should have been declared invalid.
  5. It is indicative of the Council’s attitude to accuracy that the committee Char, Cllr Mumford, should joke that a questionnaire was sent to a bus stop in the Teddington CPZ consultation last year.
  6. It is absurd that representations from a single resident that a further road should be included in the CPZ (with a majority of only one, originally considered insufficient by the Council) should receive sympathy and an assurance of an early review, when serious concerns expressed by eight residents who spoke strongly against the CPZ were largely dismissed.
  7. It is unacceptable that the Lib Dem majority on the committee should be satisfied with assurances from David Trigg, Cllr for Transport, and from Council officials, that all requirement had been met, when clearly they hadn’t.

We thank Cllrs Head and Hodgins for challenging the decision on our behalf, and Cllr Seymour, Vice-Chair of the committee, for supporting us.

– Statement issued by the St Margarets Parking Association