Essentially the appeal was lost on noise grounds, not the original environmental concerns.

From the report

“25. The noise in this instance is not constant in any way whatsoever and is periodic in its occurrence. The levels and the types of sound vary depending on the numbers and ages of the children involved and the activity in which they are taking part. As young children the noise is also generally high pitched. It creates one of the most annoying and irritating types of noise nuisance that can be created for those who have to suffer it and that was certainly the view put forward on behalf of objectors. It is as far removed as one could get from what could be described as a constant source of noise.

  1. At the site inspection which occurred between about 1800 and 1900 hours I could not help but notice how exceptionally quiet it was and I found the same extremely quiet environment when I was at the southern end of Orleans Road at about 0915 in the morning just checking the site before the Hearing. There was no discernable noise from the main road well to the north and to the south and south east is just the river and the grounds of Marble Hill. It is a very tranquil place and as such the noise generated by the site is more noticeable and more of a nuisance than it would be if it was in a generally noisier environment with higher background noise levels.

  2. On the representations put to me and on the basis of what I saw and heard at the site visit, I consider that the effect on adjoining occupiers is unacceptable and despite the fact that other objections can be overcome, I consider it is sufficient to justify refusing permission for the development. In the light of Appeal Decision APP/L5810/C/08/20711166 that finding I have considered whether the noise nuisance is something that can be satisfactorily ameliorated by conditions such that the development could be allowed.”

The Astroturf will now have to be “rolled up”, and the area landscaped “in accordance with the original plans”.

An unfortunate end to an unfortunate story.