Police Liaison Group

What’s happening in Moormead Park?

Antisocial behaviour was the main topic at a police street briefing with the residents and our local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 23 June at Moormead Park. With the longer summer days upon us residents, police and the Council were keen to combat this behaviour. The following actions have been taken:

  • The red metal bench next to the park has been removed. This is to deter youths congregating in this area, where there was evidence of cannabis smoking and drinking.
  • A temporary CCTV has been installed overlooking the play area.
  • The local Safer Neighbourhood Team has changed their shift patterns to work later at weekends to help combat Anti Social Behaviour. For example, on a recent Saturday and Sunday, 16 people were stopped and asked to account for themselves between midnight and 2am.
  • A test purchase operation has been conducted at local off-licences using police cadets. This has led to one local off-license being prosecuted, and will hopefully make it harder for youths to purchase alcohol.
  • Any child found to be drinking underage by police will have their details recorded, social services will be notified and a letter sent to the parents.

What else is happening?

  • At 4.30pm-6pm every Wednesday at St Mary’s University College running track, there is a track-and-field session (MET-TRACK) for 11-17-year-olds led by top class athletes. All youths are welcome.
  • Several Youth Police Liaison Groups have been set up around the borough especially for 11-16-year-old youths to share their issues with the police, such as knife crime, personal safety, the drinking culture and Stop and Search.
  • More 16-and-older events are planned for Heatham House.
  • The Youth Cafe Bus will visit Old Deer Park on Friday evenings 6 - 8.30pm from late August. The Bus offers a safe social space. There are fully equipped IT areas, as well as small confidential areas, on the top deck and a café area on the bottom deck. The bus is staffed with qualified youth workers and other professionals, offering a range of activities and services to young people.

What can you do?

  • Report any antisocial behaviour, such as disturbance by youths, to the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 078 7943 2330 / 020 8721 2912 or StMargarets.NorthTwickenham.snt@met.police.uk
  • If the Team is not immediately available, leave a message or report to the non-emergency number 020 8607 9199 and say that you wish the report to be referred to the Team. If there is a real and present threat to life or injury to someone, then of course you need the police to attend immediately so ring 999. This is because the Team is not a rapid response team, and not available 24/7, so use the other phone numbers if the matter needs more immediate attention
  • If you are reluctant or unable to report an incident to our Team, let your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator know and they will pass on the information. Contact details of Neighbourhood Watch Co- ordinators can be found from your local Residents Association
  • Report any park-cleaning issues (eg graffiti, rubbish) to the Council, who will take it up with the contractors. Contact them by phone on 020 8891 1411 or use the Street Scene fault reporting form on www.richmond.gov.uk

– from Dr Jenny G Atton