The makers of The Secret Millionaire are looking for a charitable, wealthy family interested in supporting and mentoring an underprivileged family for a new observational documentary for CH 4 where we will take an intimate look at child poverty and the ever growing economic divide in this country – specifically London.

We are searching for a wealthy British family, based in London, with children to get involved with our program. The idea is for the wealthier family to mentor and sponsor an underprivileged family where they will learn first hand what its like to live in poverty. We would like to give both families the opportunity to learn how the other half lives. We would like genuine relationships to form and different view points expressed. We want to present a very fair and balanced view with the hopes of breaking down cultural and economic stereotypes.

At this stage we are looking to film on and off over the course of three months. We also have the established ‘Westminster Child Society’ charity on board to offer their support and expertise.

If you are interested or would like to learn more about our program please feel free to contact Meghan on 0207-013-4556 or you can email

– from RDF Media