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The Council is proposing to extend its policy of CO2 related parking charges to parking meters and council car parks. Parking charges are set increase by 25% but the majority of borough residents and visitors who register will qualify for either no increase or a 25% discount for the least polluting cars. We want to encourage all drivers to think about the cars they drive and reward those who drive the least polluting.

Summary of key points

  • These are proposals
  • Yet to go to Cabinet and out to consultation
  • Implemented by spring
  • Still deciding exactly how we will consult
  • 60% of residents - no change or reduction of 25%
  • Need to register - easy and only takes 5 minutes online
  • No change to residents or business permits.
  • Continuation of parking policy launched in 2007 - but now more fair and effective.

– from a Council webpage

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source Maeve Good