River Road Associates Ltd and JMD Training are delighted to invite you to their joint workshop


However often you have made a speech or given a presentation, there is always an opportunity to polish your performance and give your company the edge. This workshop is designed to help you achieve that goal.

The workshop combines the talent of two experts, Janet Donbavand and Margaret Squire. Janet can give you all the technical know-how of presentations and Margaret can teach you how to use your voice to put your message across.

Workshop contents:

  • Effective Speech
  • Voice Production
  • Relaxation and breath control
  • Pronunciation
  • The effective use of pitch, pace, pause, phrasing, intonation
  • Body language
  • Speech writing
  • Adapting a written document for the spoken word
  • Using quotations and anecdotes PowerPoint
  • Do’s and don’ts of bulleted lists
  • Keeping consistency by using the Slide Master
  • Adapting presentations for different audiences
  • Using charts to bring data to life
  • Effective use of animations and transitions
  • Packaging a PowerPoint presentation to take with you
  • Connecting laptops to projectors   Details
  • Date: Thursday 7th May, 09:30 to 16:30.
  • Please contact Margaret Squire, msquire@riverroad.co.uk, 020 8274 2587 or Janet Donbavand, jdonbavand@btinternet.com, 07891 777350/ 020 8892 7497, to book your place, or for further details.
  • Future dates: Friday 10th July, Friday 11th September, Friday 6th November