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Sheridan in St Margarets


“Whatever Sheridan has done or chosen to do has been par excellence always the best of its kind”


In his time the politician and playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan (30th October 1751 – 7th July 1816) was thought to be the wittiest man in England. Once, in February 1809, when he was discovered drinking a glass of wine in the street as he watched his own Theatre Royal burn down, Sheridan famously retorted, “A man may surely be allowed to take a glass of wine by his own fireside!”

On another occasion he bumped into two royal dukes on Piccadilly.

“I say Sherry,” said one of them. “We just been discussing whether you are more rogue than fool.”
“Why faith,” replied Sheridan, taking each by the arm, “I believe that I am between both!”

Rib tickling stuff, I am sure that you will agree.

29 October 2009 | around_town

Event Announcement: Crown Road Christmas Fair 2009

Xmas Fair Poster

The St Margarets Traders Association


The St Margarets’ Christmas Fair

Sunday 6th December

Crown Road, St Margarets

The event starts at 11.00am and closes at 4.00pm when St Stephen’s Church will be holding an open air Carol Service.

24 October 2009 | news

St Margarets Fair Charities Funding

!(right) 180×180 (fair logo)!

23 October 2009 | news

A London Childhood: 13th July 1955


At about 9.30pm on the evening of Easter Sunday, 10th April 1955 a 28 year old model and nightclub ‘hostess’ called Ruth Ellis shot and killed her boyfriend David Blakely outside the Magdala pub in South Hampstead. Her first shot missed, injuring a passer-by. The second knocked Blakely to the ground. Ruth calmly walked over to where he was laying and fired the remaining four shots at close range. Still holding the gun in her hand she was immediately arrested by an off duty policeman who heard her say, “I am guilty, I’m a little confused”.

Although undeniably guilty of the murder Ruth had been the victim of a considerable amount of violent abuse from Blakely. Only 10 days before the shooting Ruth had suffered a miscarriage after Blakely had punched her in the stomach. Although she showed a willingness to accept responsibility for her crime Ruth made no real attempt to defend herself in court. When asked by the Prosecutor…

“Mrs Ellis, when you fired that revolver at close range into the body of David Blakely, what did you intend to do?”

“It is obvious that when I shot him I intended to kill him,” she replied.

23 October 2009 | around_town

OPERA EVOLUTION - debut performance by St Margretian artist

poster of opera evolution

Local St Margarets resident and Royal College of Art trained conceptual artist Ingrid Macody Lund Fraser, has recently been awarded support from the Arts Council to stage her production Opera Evolution at York House, Twickenham on Sunday 15th November 7pm.

Opera Evolution, is a live art performance event that promises a sumptuous evening of operatic performance art presenting six stage in the history of opera, from Baroue to Modern, alongside metaphoric references to evolutionary eras, spiced up with fashion and visual art.

23 October 2009 | news

Twickenham Film Studios Launches New Website

Twickenham Film Studios

Twickenham Film Studios have re-launched their website,, to meet the needs of their expanding client base.

Twickenham Studio’s customers, potential customers, associated companies, productions and film fans can visit the website and be kept up to date with important news and current productions.

23 October 2009 | news

No Halloween Print-outs from the Police

No Halloween

16 October 2009 | news

St.Art - a New Pop-up Gallery Space in the Heart of St Margarets

st art

Thursday November 19th is the date set for the private view opening of St Margarets first pop-up gallery space, St.Art.

Local art enthusiast, Ingrid Hinton, will be showcasing some of the UK’s most talented contemporary artists in St.Art’s inaugural show, Collection 1.

Emphasis has been placed on giving people an opportunity to see work from across different media representing a collection of selected often locally based artists’ work including painters, sculptors, glass makers, ceramists.

16 October 2009 | news

A London Childhood: Barzo And The Underground Army

We knew all about the war at Burghley Road Primary School. Our Dads had fought it, our Mums were still sweeping up the mess and we, the boys of Miss Kirby’s class, had heard all the stories and were now busily embellishing them.


“My Dad was a Spitfire pilot. He shot down 13 Messerschmitts – rat tat tat tat tat!”

“That’s nothing! My Dad was a commando and parachuted into Holland – bang bang bang!”

“Oh yeah? Well my Dad was a Submarine Captain and he sunk the Bismark!”

My friend Barzo said nothing. He was always silent on the subject.

16 October 2009 | around_town

Meeting Notes from School Meeting - 6 October 2009

The meeting on the St Stephen’s expansion was a success with overwhelming support to pursue much needed additional funding. The Winchester Hall was full and Vince Cable came to offer his support. Nigel Cannings chaired the meeting with Helen Henderson presenting the issues in a clear and concise way. Steve White, Head of Building Projects for the Diocese, Liz Stubbs, Head of St Stephens, and Nick Jones, Chair of Governors, answered questions. Orleans Infants was represented by Kate Holliday, Chair of Governors. Councillor Geoff Acton also attended. It was overwhelmingly apparent that the Council has failed to take into account the inherent difficulties of expanding the site in its budget allocation, difficulties which Councillor Eady openly recognises.

The architects are presenting a third revision of the plans on Monday to the school head, the Chair of Governors and the Local Authority. We are not hopeful that the plans will fall within the available budget. Helen Henderson will send an update on Monday to attendees. If you have any questions, please email her at

9 October 2009 | news

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