Santa's North Pole Postbox - stationed in St Margarets

Following a request for help from Santa Claus himself, the St Margarets Traders Association is delighted to announce that it has agreed to assist Santa this year by collecting children’s letters written to him and forwarding them on to his Lapland address. Children will then be able to collect their personalised reply letters from Santa within a couple of days.

Children in the St Margarets and surrounding area are from now, until after the St Margarets Christmas Fair on Sunday 6 December, able to post their letters to Santa without fear of postal strikes or delivery disruptions getting in the way. The service is looking for a 48 hour response rate.

Following a letter received from Santa earlier this month, the St Margarets Traders Association have agreed to help Santa and his trusty elves with the huge amount of post he receives from boys and girls in the St Margarets area. Once Santa has replied to a child’s letter, it will be whizzed back to St Margarets (via Elf Air) where the traders have arranged for his replies to be available for pick-up by the local children. Christmas made easy!

Santa wrote in his latest letter to the St Margarets Traders Association:

“My postbag from St Margarets is always bulging with letters from the local boys and girls so I really am grateful for the assistance. Thank you local traders of St Margarets for all your help!”

Look-in Video in Crown Road, St Margarets, have one of Santa’s special North Pole post boxes so the boys and girls can post their letters to him.

Santa goes on to say:

“Give me a couple of days and I’ll promise to send a reply back to every boy and girl who writes to me. The special postbox will be available for use for a time after the St Margarets Christmas Fair, so the children should have plenty of time to be able to plan and then write their letters to me.”

Look-In Video has appointed Mr. Jag as Santa’s Chief St Margarets Christmas Postmaster. Mr Jag’s job is to sort all of the replies from Santa and have them ready for the boys and girls to collect.

Please see the Santa Mail notice board at Look-In Video, St Margarets, or visit for further information on this special Santa delivery service.

The website also has more information on the St Margarets Christmas Fair and updated information on the Christmas competitions Christmas competitions and other events in the area. Be sure to re-visit the site every few days for the latest additions.

from a St Margarets Traders Associate press release