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31 December 2009 | around_town

Diets to Die for

A sorry failing of us humans is our desire to always look our best - and we go to extraordinary and sometimes fatal lengths to achieve this. In the past we thought nothing of using lead based make-up for that perfect white complexion, removing teeth to give a fashionable ‘hollow cheeked’ look and even following potentially fatal dietary regimes.

Such was the case with one of St Margarets most illustrious residents, the writer and humorist Thomas Chandler Haliburton. In 1863, realising that he was seriously overweight, Haliburton took up the fashionable Banting diet, the high protein forerunner of the Atkins Diet. Initially he managed to lose 10 inches around his waist. Unfortunately the Banting Diet had the same regrettable effect on Thomas Chandler Haliburton as the Atkins Diet had on its creator. Haliburton died on August 27th 1865 and was buried in All Saints Churchyard in Old Isleworth. To the abiding gratitude of the pallbearers, he was a few stones lighter than his former self!

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31 December 2009 | around_town

St Stephen, Who?

“Good King Wenceslas looked out on the Feast of Stephen When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even.”

Considering that he was the very first Christian martyr and considering that most of us will be sitting down to mark his festival in a few days time, St Stephen has terrible P.R. Try googling “St Stephen’s Road” into “Streetmap U.K” and the result is zero - and the same goes for St Stephen’s Street, Lane, Terrace, Grove and Walk. (In the name of completeness I should add that there is one lonely reference to a St Stephen’s Hill between Stafford and Burton on Trent.) Those of us who live in St. Margarets should count ourselves lucky that we enjoy with St Stephen’s Church and St Stephen’s School two firm references to this half forgotten saint.

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23 December 2009 | around_town

Creating the St Margarets Christmas Fair

I have lived in St Margarets for many years now and my family and I really enjoy the events that are held in our community, we loved the recent Christmas Fair in Crown road.

So how does it happen?

The St Margarets Christmas Fair exists because of the generosity and commitment of the local independent traders supported by their chairman Simon Chapman of Cutters.

This year the Fair had the addition of the St Margarets show written by local writer Elizabeth Herry and choreographed by Abigail Cova from the Marble Hill Dance Studio based at the Crown Pub. The brief was something to celebrate the community in St Margarets, to thank the traders for their support and to include the nativity and the traditional meaning of Christmas, no difficulties there then. Oh and it had to be capable of going ahead with no rehearsals and not exactly knowing who would be there until the day.

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23 December 2009 | around_town

The Bass Player's Pal

Being the rockin’ little spot that it is, St. Margarets is full of people who are either a) In a band or group, b) Were in a band or group, c) Wish they were in a band or group, or d) Are not in a band or group, have never been in a band or group, have never wanted to be in a band or group and have probably stopped reading this already.

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10 December 2009 | around_town

The Ghost of Brentford Lock

A series of gruesome murders across Britain in 1934 and 1935 convinced the nation that a ‘Jack The Ripper’ serial killer was at work…

England Fears Murder Fiend After a Fifth Mystery case!

Mutilated Bodies of Unidentified Women Discovered in Ravine in Scotland!

The murderer, or murderers, had taken every precaution to escape detection. The bodies were stripped of clothes. The feet and fingers had been chopped off. Large pieces of skin had been skilfully removed to destroy tell-tale scars and birthmarks. Faces had been mutilated beyond recognition. Even the blood had been drained, making the task of determining how long the victims had been dead much more difficult.

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3 December 2009 | around_town

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