I’d firstly like to say a big thank you to all those who have kindly sponsored me to do this mad race, please if you would like to help me raise money for F.R.O.D.O. then please visit my just giving site at justgiving.com/georgie-islip Thank you for all your support as it will keep me going through the tough stages of the race.

Some runs are good and some are just plain awful. I did a run last Friday and felt like I had lead weights tied round my ankles and I was feeling really slow and tired. I did make it to 3 hours by running and walking. I kept telling myself that there will be moments in the race that will be exactly like this. However, I was bored of Richmond Park and it was so muddy and wet! I ran again this Tuesday and I think I must have been running backwards as it took me 2 hours to run around the park and back home. In fact that’s not quite true, as I only ran from Sheen gate to Richmond Gate - the longer way round! I am definitely bored of the park now as I feel I know every path, muddy track, hill, etc… It’s all mental though and I need to remain positive as I now know I can and will do it.

I also suspect the reason for feeling weary was insufficient carbohydrate intake over the last two weeks since my ultra race. My friend Lucy Johnson, who is a sports dietician, has been giving me advice on what to eat. This has been an immense help as I never experienced ‘the wall’ during the race last weekend. Pre race I ate a muesli bar and then during the run I was taking on board about 300mls of water every hour and eating 30-60g of carbohydrate every hour. This came in the form of gels, jelly babies, cheese, sports drink, muesli bars and wine gums. Post race I drank 500mls of skimmed milk and ate another muesli/sports bar. Then every 45 minutes I’d try and eat baby bels (full of protein) sports drink, rehydration drink, bread etc. In fact that night I had a curry, obviously avoiding spicy food, but eating as much lentil dal, naan and rice as I could. It worked as Sunday I did a much quicker time. However my stomach did suffer from all the rubbish that I took on board. I’ve not done as much training this week as I needed to rest and I think I have found it hard to consume extra calories. My husband can’t understand me as he’d have no problem with this!

So I plan do another 4 long runs between now and when I go. I’m starting to taper the week commencing the 15th March so I will aim to do shorter runs, as well as sprints and hills sessions. I’m taking my husband on a long 25 mile walk at the weekend. He’s not looking forward to it, but I will not make him run up the hills and I’ll carry all the food and drink etc! It’ll be muddy but fun!

I am raising money for F.R.O.D.O. which is a charity transforming the quality of life and providing hope for disabled children in developing countries. If you would like to sponsor me then please visit justgiving.com/Georgie-Islip Thank you for all you support.

Georgie runs her own training business, providing 1:2:1 training, run together sessions or will happily help you with your training and fitness goals. Visit www.run.uk.net for more information or call Georgie on 07736 070612.