Georgie Islip

I’d firstly like to say a big thank you to all those who have kindly sponsored me to do this mad race, please if you would like to help me raise money for F.R.O.D.O. then please visit my just giving site at Thank you for all your support as it will keep me going through the tough stages of the race.

For 15 years I have wanted to do this incredible race and now it is imminent, less than a week away. I can’t quite believe it. All my training and work has been done and I’m just doing the odd run to keep myself confident and in shape. I now need to pack and build myself up mentally.

I have moved all my kit to the spare room bed and keep walking in and then quickly out again because it now needs to fit into my rucksack. I’ve just had a bad go and it just about fits! All my food weighs roughly 5kgs and the whole pack weighs in at just under 9kgs. This is good.

I am getting nervous, but nerves are important as they will help me mentally prepare. Often my stomach feels it is up by my throat first thing in the morning, so my porridge is hard to eat. I’m really not very fond of porridge and my children ban me to the far corner of the kitchen to eat my breakfast because they hate the smell! However, for 7 glorious warm days I’ll be waking up and eating porridge and strawberries so I thought I better get used to it. Only exception is this breakfast will be rehydrated with warm water as I have decided against taking a stove. I’ve done this for several reasons; firstly I haven’t got room, secondly the water is going to be about 40 degrees and thirdly I think I can cope for 14 meals.

This morning I received a good luck card from a dear friend of mine. She had also enclosed a recent article from one of the Sunday papers which talked about the number of people taking up endurance challenges ranging from Iron Man to ultra running. So I’m not alone, there are others out there like me!

To continue with my preparation, I need to start eating big in the next few days. In order to ensure I have sufficient glycogen stores I need to consume 500g of carbohydrates about 4 days before the race. Lucy Johnson, my friend and sports dietitian, has recommended I eat two portions of 50g per meal and snack 6/7 times during the day. My list of snacks include:

  • Individual packs of cereals or muesli
  • Pitta breads
  • Oatcakes
  • Pretzels or Pringles
  • Sweets
  • Fig rolls
  • Cereal bars

Then on Sunday the 4th I start my journey. I’m viewing it as a journey and an adventure because it is and I am determined I will enjoy it even though at times it may be the toughest adventure I have done. I am now excited.


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