I’d firstly like to say a big thank you to all those who have kindly sponsored me to do this mad race, please if you would like to help me raise money for F.R.O.D.O. then please visit my just giving site at justgiving.com/georgie-islip Thank you for all your support as it will keep me going through the tough stages of the race.

I’ve just read the official website and seen the following:

“Exclusively for the darbaroud.com website, I can reveal and confirm what numerous competitors have imagined for the 2010 edition! Yes indeed, the course, which is still made up of 6 stages, has been slightly extended to reach a total of 250 km - the 25th anniversary requires this! The itinerary will be packed with the most beautiful sites in the Saharan provinces. The menu will include dunes, mountains, dried up lakes, regs, oases and … more dunes!”

This is excellent as it is 6km shorter than I thought! Brilliant news! Although I think it may be harder!

My walk along the North Downs Way last weekend was very muddy. The hills were very hilly and my pack was rather heavy with all our food. My attempt at running up all the hills only worked on the last one, Juniper hill and I managed about ¾ of this by running about 100 paces and then walking about 30, and then picking up running again. It was so steep and slippery. During the walk we did stop at Box Hill for a cup of tea and food and a rest. In the end we covered 22 miles in 6 hours. Another plus point was it didn’t rain on us; in fact at times it was sunny.

I am now starting to taper, reduce down my mileage and eat. I still want to keep the strength in my legs and I’ll do this by running hill repeats and doing short speed work (repeat 800m and 1000m). This will keep my fitness level whilst ensuring that I am getting as much rest as I can. It is definitely the mental aspects I need to work on. I have done all the training, it’s in the bag and I’ve been doing it for the last year and a half. So it is all there. But I do just wonder if I need to do another long run. It’s all about confidence, but I will rest and not push it because I want to be as fit and healthy as I can on that starting line.

I’m off this afternoon to get my ECG done and medical certificate signed. As I am over 40, I have read in the small print they recommend you should do an ECG whilst exercising! These are the final few things I need to sort, along with my gels and sports drink. I have all my equipment now and I’ll be carrying about 5kgs in food! The good thing about this is that once it’s eaten my pack will be lighter. I had a vegetable tikka for lunch today and it was rather good! The porridge yesterday was a bit unpleasant, but better cold.

I must say a big thank you to all those people who are supporting and encouraging me on a daily basis. I am getting some very strange looks, as I am wearing in my new trainers, which have sand gaiters sewn to the shoes, and this looks like I’m walking in moon boots. I do agree I must look so silly. Just wait till you see me in my full kit! Anyway, thank you to everyone.

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