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I’d firstly like to say a big thank you to all those who have kindly sponsored me to do this mad race. If you would like to help me raise money for F.R.O.D.O.* then please visit my Just Giving site at Thank you for all your support as it will keep me going through the tough stages of the race.

Everything is done. My equipment and food all fit into my rucksack, thanks to my friend Janey (years of experience packing small bags!). I have all I need and if I’m missing anything, then I’m sure I will be able to borrow it from another competitor. My iPod is set with my ‘Desert Storm’ playlist which I will only use in really low moments. My pack is light, only 8.5kgs, in comparison to many. I’m pleased since it will get lighter during the week as I eat my food. On the subject of food, I have to somehow consume 500grams of carbohydrates a day over these last four days, which could be interesting. This amount will ensure that I have sufficient glycogen stores in my muscles.

Of course, I am still very nervous about the enormity of the race, but being nervous is good and very natural (I keep telling myself!). I have talked through my race plans with my sister and they seem OK. It will be vital not to run too fast on the first day aiming for a good time. This will be hard because of the adrenaline and energy I’ll feel at the start of the race as apparently it is like a carnival atmosphere. However, it will be far better to finish the day feeling good and full of energy than in a really good race position. I need to remind myself that I have done all the work and I now just have to let my body do what I have trained it to do.

So, by the time you read this I’ll be on my holiday in Morocco (as my husband calls it). We will travel to Morocco on Thursday and spend a lovely night in a hotel and then on Friday morning we are transferred to the camp site. This may take up to 6 hours. I can imagine that Friday night I could get a limited amount of sleep. Saturday is admin day where the organisers check ECGs, medical certificates, equipment and the calorie content of my food. We will also be fed. Then on Sunday the 4th my journey starts. I know I will start the race with tears in my eyes as I have wanted to do this marathon of the sands for years, and I really can not quite believe that I am going to be on that starting line this Sunday. It just seems so very surreal.

Best wishes and have a lovely Easter.

Georgie - Competitor 872

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