map of proposed extension

The Council is proposing the extend the boundary of the St Margarets Estate Conservation Area under the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The proposed extension includes this property. As part of this process, the Council is seeking views of all owners and/or occupiers.

In brief, the implications of Conservation Area designation are as follows:

  1. Conservation Area Consent will be required for the demolition of most buildings and structures (including walls)
  2. Works to trees above a certain size will require permission
  3. New development will be required to preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area
  4. Certain minor alterations and additions to single family dwelling houses that are visible to public views will require permission.

Comments and recommendations can be submitted in writing to Rachel Case ( Please contact Rachel Case, Conservation Area Officer, with any queries on 020 8891 7941.

Please note: the deadline for comments has been extended to 3 September 2010 in order to enable residents and interested parties sufficient time to consider the implications of the proposed extension.

Consultation ends on 3 September 2010

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