Weirs open 31st October - 28th November 2010

The weirs at Richmond will remain open between 31st October and 28th November 2010 so that essential maintenance works on the lock, weirs and sluices can be done and a riverbed inspection carried out. This will allow the river between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock to drain down at low water on each tide.

During this period river users are reminded that, for the duration of the work, the river will not be maintained at the nominal level of Chart Datum and that the river bed may be exposed.

Owners of boats and structures usually moored between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock should take action in good time, either to move their boats to more suitable moorings or to assure themselves that the boat is capable of taking the ground over the low waters.

River works licence holders and riparian landowners are reminded that any interference with the foreshore such as dredging, excavating or disturbing the river bed requires a licence from the Port of London Authority. Recent environmental legislation provides for very high levels of fines when licensing requirements are not strictly adhered to.

Persons navigating through the weirs and upstream of Richmond Lock must do so with great care and should have regard to people working in and around the lock and weirs and be aware that weir gates may be raised and lowered at various times for maintenance purposes. Additionally, boat owners are reminded to watch their speed and wash when making passage as boats and structures may be grounding during low water.

– from Port Authority of London