Great news!

A lady in Marble Hill Close has just found our cat, alive but starving. He’s had a big meal and is feeling much happier. He’s literally skin and bone, so will need fattening up.


He disappeared from our garden in Hartington Road during the night of Sunday 28th November. He is called Monty and he is a white fluffy chinchilla cat. He should have two collars around his neck, one is a large “freedom fence” collar, red with a large black electronic box, and a smaller leopard print collar with his name and our phone number on. Although new batteries were recently put in the freedom fence collar around his neck, clearly this has malfunctioned and he has been allowed to jump over our fence into other gardens. If you do see him, you may notice he looks rather odd, as parts of his fur have been shaven, due to removing some knots in the fur.

Our whole family is devastated at losing him. He has been a big part of our family for many years and we would like him back in our home, where he belongs. He also has a twin brother, who is missing him dreadfully.

Please could I ask you all to check your garden sheds and under bike covers etc. Or perhaps a kind resident has taken him in due to the cold weather. Any information would be gratefully received as soon as possible - our numbers are 8891 6393 or 07956 158197 and email address is