Music from the guitar, keyboard, flute and singing voices of Charlotte Miller and Vicki Smith filled The Marble Hill Pub, East Twickenham, along with over 70 pre-schoolers and their parents last Thursday (21 April 2011) morning.

It was For Sanity’s Sake’s Easter Party with Tempo Tots and the little ones were Easter bunnies, hopping to the live music and hunting out toys from behind big, cut-out, colourful eggs.

Tempo Tots

FSS Member, Donna Radcliffe said, ‘I’ve been to all the FSS events and every one is brilliant. The Easter Party was so professional and had my daughter dancing from beginning to end. She loved the different musical sounds and treasure hunt, as well as her favourite songs’.

For Sanity’s Sake is Richmond Borough’s, local community website that shows activities/events for bumps to pre-schoolers on an easy, up-to-date calendar. As well as hosting this fun Easter Party they wanted to showcase Tempo Tots music class due to the philosophy behind the introduction of music to kids at any age.

Charlotte and Vicki run Tempo Tots in Twickenham which offers live music making as a developmental tool for little ones aged between 3months - 4 years. The classes aim to facilitate and enhance communication, physical development and bonding between parents and their babies.

Child dancing

Charlotte and Vicki are both qualified in music therapy, which uses music to help children cope more effectively with their lives and with their difficulties. We’ve all felt a tear at a sad song or jumped around the room to a happy beat - the power of music can actually help children, including pre-schoolers, express, explore and work through emotions.

Charlotte says, ‘Music is a universal language, particularly one where it can enhance communication, social skills, language and emotional well being. It has always been a powerful tool for expression and can touch our emotions deeply’.

Within their classes, Tempo Tots are on hand to offer their support including advice around child development and physical wellbeing. Handouts are available at each session around a variety of areas such as speech and language development, tummy time, hand and play skill information, sensory play and songs.

Positive energy from professional live music is infectious and this was shown beautifully at For Sanity’s Sake & Tempo Tots Easter Party. If you missed the party you can always go along to Tempo Tots classes on a Friday or keep your eyes out for the next For Sanity’s Sake event - see for details.

– from a For Sanity’s Sake press release