Solum have withdrawn their planning applications for a 165-unit development and a podium for it to rest on above the platforms. Instead they have submitted a new single bid (11/1443) for a 115-unit development plus podium, which was published on May 11, 2011. The usually-mandatory affordable housing has been cut out allowing a 1-floor height reduction.

The piling work for the podium is scheduled for October (there are no rugby internationals this autumn) so Solum are looking for a quick go-ahead for this scheme, either from the Council or from an Inspector on appeal. So if you wish to comment or object you should do so quickly.

The key document is the Planning Statement, the 6th item on the web page. Re Affordable housing, see pp. 11 - 13:

‘… no affordable housing . . this approach has been agreed by the council … confidential financial assessment …’

It seems clear that this application has been agreed by officers in advance & is expected to sail through. What will residents’ group TRAG-SOS have to say when they see what has been cooked up, I wonder?

– from Christopher Squire