Following the first RACC Business Networking event held in February 2011 which featured presenters from the Chambers of Commerce and the local Council, we received numerous requests to provide similar opportunities which combine essential information needed by modern businesses with important networking opportunities.

Our second Business Networking event “From Bellman to Kindle” will focus on the essential information the modern communicator and networker needs to work effectively in business today. The host and facilitator for the night, William Freeman, will deliver this lively, interactive session which draws upon communications lessons learnt not only from the traditional town crier and bellman but also from the modern day magician and mentalist.

William is an ex IBM sales manager and founder of Cambridge Associates, a consultancy specializing in venture capital placement. An ex president of Kingston Chamber of Commerce, William is also a qualified toastmaster, cartoonist and keen amateur magician and involved in ‘Executive Futures’ a programme designed to help redundant executives get back into work or change tack, or become self-employed. William and his wife Suzie attend dance and art classes at the college.

Why is how we communicate with others so important to success?

Did you know that each of us absorbs the equivalent of 150 newspapers worth of text each and every day? This means that many of the people we want to ‘sell our story’ to are overloaded, tired and possibly even bored before we start.

Have you considered how you can overcome the barriers this information overload causes and ensure that the information you want to disseminate reaches the people who could be critical in helping you get a job, start your business, sell your services and products to?

Technology, for all its wonderful gee whizz potential, sometimes tends to get in the way - and all the conventional teaching on its use doesn’t help.

Participants in this event will learn how to build a cracking ‘networking’ message and the truth about how to use it in the real world. Part of the evening will involve a structured networking simulation ‘game’.

Indicative Programme for the event

7.00 to 7.30 Refreshments & Registration
7.30 to 8.30 William Freeman - ‘ Bellman to Kindle’
8.30 to 9.20 Structured Networking Simulation game
9.20 to 9.25 Networking prizes!

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