We have tried to keep out of local politics especially anything to do with the various riverside schemes over the years.

However the Council is now consulting again and this time their plans include ideas to move the Twickenham farmers’ market. There are 3 ‘scenarios’ but all appear to want to move the farmers market to the riverside or some type of new town square. We do not feel we can support any of the options on the table as we have no guarantees what the new location may offer.

We do not believe the Council has demonstrated any case for moving the farmers’ markets and whilst we would love a purpose built site we have a number of major concerns about the proposed location. We will express our views to the Council but please take part in the consultation on line or at the Civic Centre.

Our concerns about the Councils ideas are:

  1. The farmers market works in its current location, if its not broken why try and fix it? No evidence exisits to say that sales will improve for farmers if the market moves. There is a real risk with moving any market that they fail.
  2. Tidal flooding means that the market will have to move frequently or be cancelled if it was held at the Riverside location, causing confusion for customers and damaging sales. The cost of regular moves would have to be considered.
  3. Exposed location, the winds off the river could pose a real danger to stalls in bad weather, market sites need surrounding shelter.
  4. Limited space for stalls, vehicle access. No space for stall parking and customer parking
  5. Disturbance to neighbours with stalls arriving to set up and customers shopping. Possibly the wrong activity for this tranquil natural location
  6. No good reason to move the market to this location. If they exisit the Council has not outlined them or provided a detailed argument

Thanks for your support. We will carry out more surveys at markets in coming months

On the plus side, we will have morrismen at the farmers’ market from 11am this Saturday, as part of the Twickenham Festival!

from the London Farmers’ Markets